Course Dates

You can make a booking at any point during a course, although for some children’s classes, we can have a cut off date a few weeks before the end of a full term, due to award assessments.

Course 6 Sunday 29th October – Tuesday 19th December
Christmas Break Tuesday 19th December – Monday 1st January

Course 1 Tuesday 2nd January – Monday 12th February
Course 2 Tuesday 13th February – Thursday 29th March
Easter Break Friday 30th March – Thursday 12th April
Course 3 Friday 13th April – Thursday 7th June
Course 4 Friday 8th June – Thursday 2nd August
Summer Break Friday 3rd August – Saturday 1st September
Course 5 Sunday 2nd September – Saturday 27th October
Course 6 Sunday 28th October – Wednesday 19th December
Christmas Break Thursday 20th December – Tuesday 1st January